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Weskus Flower Update 8 October 201808 October 2018
All good things come to an end, the #weskus experienced one of the best flower seasons in recent history.The West Coast Flowers season presented beautiful flowers and new hope with every bloom. If you visited the Weskus d
Weskus Flower Update 28 September 201828 September 2018
The flower season is almost coming to an end. We have had weather fluctuation the entire winter and this has hugely impacted on the longevity of the flower season within the West Coast. Flowers are deteriorating fast, but you can still see some blooms
Weskus Flower Report 21 September 201821 September 2018
Events aplenty on the #weskus this Heritage Weekend and then some flowers...

Events January 2019


13Harvest Festival, Tel: 084 887 7843
26LangebaanDownwind Dash, Tel: 082 449 5033 / 082 451 1548
27DarlingGroote Post Country Market , Tel: 022 451 2022 / 022 492 2825
4DarlingSundowners at the Boma at !Khwa ttu, Tel: 022 492 2998
16ClanwilliamRooibos National Day, Tel: 027 482 1007

Cape West Coast Route Map

Click on the images below to download the front and back of the Cape West Coast Route Map brochure.


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