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Weskus Flower Update 17 August 201817 August 2018
This week we experienced a traditional Western Cape winter with cold weather and rain we had good showers in the #weskus. Rain doesn’t only help to boost our flower season, but it is of immense importance to our agricultural sect
Weskus Flower Report 14 August 201814 August 2018
We are well into our annual #weskus flower season, and we’ve certainly seen some beautiful blooms in the northern and southern parts of the #weskus. It is time to stop and smell the wildflowers.Please do not fo
Weskus Flower Report 7 August 201807 August 2018
We always want to visit the #weskus during the flower season for the rainbow-like fields of flowers, and many have looked at the flowers and though, what exactly am I looking at. Today we are going to do a little exercise called #floweredification

Events August 2018


24HopefieldHopefield Fynbos Show, Tel: 022 723 1720
30PortervillePorteville Skou, Tel: 022 931 3732

Cape West Coast Route Map

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