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Keynote Speaker Green Girls in Africa - Louise de Waal17 October 2016
Born & bred in Holland, lived & worked for 18 or so years in England and now Louise is living her dream in Cape Town – probably the most beautiful spot in the world. She has always had a passion for travelling, meeting new people from dif
Keynote Speaker Transfrontier Parks Destinations - Glynn O' Leary17 October 2016
Job Title : Co-founder and Chief Executive Company Name : Transfrontier Parks Destinations About&
Keynote Speaker Africa !Ignite - Wilna Botha17 October 2016
Wilna Botha is the founder and CEO of Africa!Ignite, a not-for-profit rural development agency that is based in KwaZulu-Natal and that focuses on development of women and youth, on craft and tourism entrepreneurship, and on story-telling.  

Events October 2016


1ClanwilliamFreshpak Fitness Festival, Tel: 082 895 4833
1YzerfonteinOktober Fees Ysok, Tel: 022 451 2819
1VredendalMadeliefie Makietie, Tel: 082802 0323
22PiketbergPHS Fun Walk / Run / Cycle Org de Rac, Tel: 022 942 1810
28VelddrifVisfabriek Toernooi, Tel: 074 684 7031
28ClanwilliamOmgeefees, Tel: 027 482 1231

Cape West Coast Route Map

Click on the images below to download the front and back of the Cape West Coast Route Map brochure.


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