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Responsible Tourism Outreach 31 October 2019, Citrusdal, Citrusdal Lodge22 October 2019
This year we are celebrating the 5th Responsible Tourism Event. Our goal is to continuously encourage responsible tourism business practices. That will benefit our local communities, economy and the environment. We would like to invite
LCE Cycle Challenge 9 November 201914 October 2019
Need to improve your seeding for the 2020 Cape Town Cycle Tour? Then enter the 80km LCE Cycle Challenge, taking place on 9 November in Langebaan!Enter here: 
EVES’ FLOWER FROLIC CWCBR Eves Trail One Day Wildflower Walk 05 September 2019
When:  14 September 2019 at 08h30 for 09h00 Where:  West Coast National Park   

Events December 2019


7LYC Triple Crown3, Tel: 022 772 2445
31Pearly’s Challenge at Langebaan, Tel: 022 772 2445
1DarlingChristmas season at Evita se Perron, Tel: 022 492 3930
21DarlingDarling Summer Beer Fest, Tel: 021 286 1099
20Lamberts BayLeipoldtville Kersmark, Tel: 083 225 6536
29StrandfonteinFryers Cove Challenge, Tel: 083 230 4801
26Lamberts BayBeach Festival, Tel: 027 432 1000

Cape West Coast Route Map

Click on the images below to download the front and back of the Cape West Coast Route Map brochure.


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