Green Girls in Africa - Louise De Waal

Born & bred in Holland, lived & worked for 18 or so years in England and now Louise is living her dream in Cape Town – probably the most beautiful spot in the world. She has always had a passion for travelling, meeting new people from different cultural backgrounds, learning about a country’s history and discovering new landscapes, but got bitten by the Africa bug big time after having worked as a volunteer in Tanzania. With an academic background and PhD in environmental science, environmental issues and sustainability are part of her believe system and lifestyle.

Louise has travelled extensively throughout eastern and southern Africa and has a wide knowledge of the African tourism industry. She has 12 years experience in the sustainable/responsible tour operating industry, not only as founder and former MD of Baobab Travel (then UK-based specialist Africa tour operator), but also as co-founder of a Cape Town based, independent specialist Destination Management Company and provider of sustainable tourism services in South Africa. Both businesses were proudly Fair Trade Tourism certified.

With this extensive knowledge of the African tourism industry and passion for responsible travel and sustainable tourism, Louise established and built partnerships within the industry with those who share her sustainable tourism philosophy. She now continues this passion by assisting tourism businesses to travel the road to sustainability by among others undertaking business sustainability audits, assisting businesses with triple bottom line development and certification, creating custom-made responsible tourism toolkits, developing responsible tourism policies and strategies, and communicating achievements through travel writing and social media.

Some recent sustainable tourism projects include:

Some recent social media and travel writing projects include: